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Our 3 Favorite Design Motifs for 2016


We are no stranger to the Coastal design genre (refer to beautiful image above). In fact, we love it! Teal, powder blue, ivory, a dash of mint green, you name it – we’ve designed with it. Inspired by the ocean, it is tempting to buy seaside trinkets in bulk. As cute as that crab, sand dollar, or mermaid may be, and trust me, accessories are always so darn cute! The beach house atmosphere will come together without them. Try, clear vases filled with seashells, mirrors, and glass-top tables. Pairing it with linen slipcovers, cotton rugs, and sheer curtains will address the genre. Once your main pieces are in, then introduce your themed accent pillows, artwork, and the select few accessories that made the cut! This motif is best represented as a mood and utilizing a tranquil color palette is key. Alleviating your space to feel light, airy, and effortless. It's as serene as a day at the beach should be.

Skylars Home and Patio RusticRustic

One of the most organic design motifs stems (pun intended), from the Rustic genre. Using one exposed wood or several, it creates the illu

sion of the outside in. Hardwood floors and/or ceiling beams are precedent in this collection. To take it to the next level intermix reclaimed sideboards, barstools, tables, and so forth. This will add movement and new life to the style, but still allowing you to stay within the theme. Naturally your space will begin to feel warm and earthy. Inviting greenery such as potted plants, succulents, flowers, even rosemary is an ideal décor for this manner. Adding an upholstered piece, accent pillows, and a minimal area rug (try a size smaller than the perfect fit), will add character to the scene. Allowing the soft accessories to tell the story, while the dominant hardwoods remain graciously confident.  


Skylars Home and Patio ModernModern

For many, including us, the Modern genre is love at first sight. Originating in the 1930’s this is a timeless motif that continues to regenerate year after year. Maybe it’s the Mid-Century Modern architecture you crave, or its classic clean lines that make your jaw drop. Truly though, the reason need not apply, we just know its adored. How could it not be, with its sleek frame, oversized geometric shapes, neutral palette, and polished surfaces. Its as if your room is fluent in the chic language. However, the real show stopper within this style is the furniture. Accessories are utilized for color, not necessarily function or to determine the theme. Less is more in this scenario.

The Modern motif is a series of its own. Stay tuned for an elaborated post within the Mid-Century Modern vs. Contemporary designs. 




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